Health Data Compass is part of the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Our mission is to empower our partners with advanced health data analytics. We accomplish this through two primary service areas:

Data Delivery Services

As the enterprise health data warehouse, Compass integrates patient data from the electronic medical records at UCHealth and Children's Hospital Colorado, provider billing data from CU Medicine, and -omics data from the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine. This data is further enriched with a variety of state and public data sources. We use advanced algorithms to link those data to create a longitudinal record that cannot exist within any single data source. Compass makes this data available to our partners through a range of means, from self-service de-identified cohort analyses to fully identified, line-level datasets suitable for advanced analytics.

Cloud Analytics Infrastructure

Eureka is a cloud-based analytics platform designed and managed by Health Data Compass to rapidly provision cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant virtual machines to data scientists and developers among Compass's partners. This innovative service enables our partners to access highly-powered computational environments to service a variety of advanced analytics needs, from statistics and visualizations to bioinformatics processing, deep learning, and more. Because Eureka users pay only for the time in which their virtual machines are in use, they can provision much more power than could normally be afforded -- all with the assurance of meeting our partners' HIPAA security and compliance standards.

Compass Technology

Health Data Compass completed an exciting transition from our traditional on-premises data warehouse infrastructure to a massively fast and scalable system built on Google Cloud Platform. This transition was completed in the first quarter of 2017. Read more about that transition.

Accessing Our Services

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