Compass Persistent Storage Projects

Compass Persistent Storage Projects Overview

Compass Persistent Storage (CPS) is a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project for current Compass Users who are working on a project in Eureka. While Eureka instances may be decommissioned at the time of a significant update, CPS projects live on. CPS projects have different GCP resources enabled for Users to access, including:

Obtaining a Compass Persistent Storage project

Please visit the ‘Getting Started’ section for instruction on how to request a CPS project to support your work in Eureka.

How does billing work for a Compass Persistent Storage project?

Like Eureka instances, Eureka Instance Owners are billed quarterly for CPS project. Costs depend on storage use, users accessing the project, and a Compass Support Service fee. See here for the current fee.

Using a Compass Persistent Storage project

Data can be moved into a CPS project using the Google Cloud Storage staging bucket. The same guidance for moving files in and out of a Eureka instance (App-VM or HPC) apply. 

To protect against unintended deletions of data, users may place ‘object holds’ on objects stored in a bucket. This essentially allows a user to ‘mark’ an object as being protected against all deletes and overwrites. This requires a user to identify objects you want to protect in advance. Also, please note that if you attempt to delete objects in bulk under a bucket it will fail if any have a hold on them. See here for guidance.