Compass Persistent Storage Projects

Compass Persistent Storage Projects Overview

Compass Persistent Storage (CPS) is a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project for current Compass Users who are working on a project in Eureka. It consists of two types of storage: Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery. These are created to house data that a team needs to support their project in Eureka.

Obtaining a Eureka Data Project

A Eureka instance owner that is interested in obtaining a Eureka Data Project to support his or her work in Eureka can request one by emailing Please specify the Eureka instance (GCP Project Name) that the Eureka Data Project will be supporting and a University speed type to bill the Eureka Data Project too. Of note, the same users on your Eureka instance will have access to the Eureka Data Project.

How does billing work for a Eureka Data Project?

Like Eureka instances, Eureka instance owners are billed quarterly for Eureka Data Projects. Costs depend on the amount of data stored and include a Compass Support Service fee.

Using a Eureka Data Project

Data can be moved into a Eureka Data Project using the Google Cloud Storage staging bucket. The same guidance for moving files in and out of a Eureka instances (App-VM or HPC) apply.

To protect against unintended deletions of data, users may place ‘object holds’ on objects stored in a bucket. This essentially allows a user to ‘mark’ an object as being protected against all deletes and overwrites. This requires a user to identify objects you want to protect in advance. Also, please note that if you attempt to delete objects in bulk under a bucket it will fail if any have a hold on them. See here for guidance.

To support you in maintaining copies of your data each Eureka Data Project features a staging bucket (standard storage), archive bucket (archive storage) and coldline bucket (coldline storage). We encourage you to explore and understand the benefits of each storage class (standard, archive, coldline) to determine which solution is best for your data. See here for guidance.